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Russian Atomic Regulator's Foray into Meme-Making Fails to Quench Rumors of Nuclear Leaks

2017-12-15  Maryjane Moen

People avoid mentioning Christ when referring to the historical milestone by speaking before Christ and by Christ. But in English: Before Chirst, After Chirst - before Christ, after Christ - people are afraid of the history of Christianity. This is the sharing of John's fathers during the regular Mass of medical students' Catholic community at 19:15, May 11, 2017 at the Temple of Gierado, Thai Ha parish.

At the beginning of his sermon he speaks of one of the greatest difficulties in the Church in general and of the believer in particular, that of faith in God. I

t is the crisis of faith that causes war, causing hatred and death. Trust does not only affect the individual but the whole world. Today, God has shown us that faith is the beginning, the key for man to stand in the midst of the hundred challenges. Two readings date from history, Lord Giesu predicts who will submit the master.

He chose not to choose the wrong one, but he made clear in the Gospel that the Scriptures must be fulfilled: "The one who raised his hand and took a plate with him lifted up his heel." In the first reading, Paul speaks of David to fulfill what the Bible says, so that the Jewish brothers recognize the prophecy through history as Lord Giesu.

In order to have faith in man, Lord Giesu has begun in a long history program. Old Testament history correctly announces what happened to Jesus Christ. A French philosopher said: "Christianity has a solid foundation of faith that is history, but Christianity forgets this important point and today goes to theology."

Father recalled: Christianity is deeply rooted, stretched and fulfilled in the history of the Bible through people, places, and places. Looking back on history, social holidays, holidays ... are related to Christianity and come from Christianity.

He speaks of the fact that the apparition of Fatima appeared 100 years ago as a historical event of time, space, character, and message that are not selfish or paranoid. Our beliefs must be based on history rather than ambiguity. Looking back on the past we know that faith was cremated early on from God.

The Apostles stood on a polite scale to demonstrate the human faith in the divine Giave. Many people today know history but do not know who Kito is because they are avoiding the Lord Giesu. Giesu goes into history to show man what life is and what God is and prophecies to strengthen man's faith.

2017-12-15  Maryjane Moen